Our Mission

Makin’ WOW! That’s what we do!

Pizza means fun, and that means our job is helping folks create delicious good times. Take-n-Bake is the best way to do pizza because it is made fresh, baked fresh and served fresh. Our mission is to design every take-n-bake pizza experience so our customers say, “WOW!” when they take, bake and taste their pizza. Makin’ WOW! That’s what we do.

Here are the ways we want you to say, “WOW!”

  • The 10 Points of "WOW"

  1. When you walk in the door... We greet you quickly, with a clean store and proper uniforms

  2. When we take your order... We step out from behind the counter and make it personal

  3. When we help you make decisions... We tell you about our side items and desserts

  4. When we finish taking your order... We remind you to sign up for our email club

  5. When you order multiple pizzas... We all pitch in to make them

  6. When we make your pizza... We make it fast, pretty and the same every time

  7. Before we wrap your pizza... We make sure you are pleased with it

  8. As we give you your pizza... We review the baking instructions with you

  9. When we ring up your order... We do it fast and accurately

  10. When you leave... We smile and say, “Thanks, come again soon!”


Did we get you to say "WOW"?
Let us know!

From Those Who said "WOW"!

We tried the pan pizza for our first visit and couldn't be happier but are looking forward to trying the thin crust next time. The breadsticks were a very pleasant surprise, as was the garlic butter to dip them in. Delicious! You have converted me with only one visit! WOW!


Already recommended it to someone else. : ) We love it!!!! Extremely friendly. We were thrilled with the pizza! Definitely going back. : )


Customer service was informative and friendly! Service was fast and store was clean : ) Great job guys!